Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Who's new and What's What!!

Hey guys! How are you all? I'm doing great myself! I know its been awhile since i posted here on blogger i just so busy with school and work. Now that he semester is over and I'm on a break for awhile, I will try to stay posting on here and my try to dust off my YouTube and Facebook accounts. Now that I have the time I will show off my new guys and gals that I have purchased in the past few months. Some are new, some old and some have been modified.
So my first set here is kind of a teen scene.
(Ariel, Howleen,Sharpay,Skipper, Belle)
I purchased the Ariel, Skipper, and Belle heads from Ms.Leo. The are all on a Liv Bodies that I got from eBay. Sharpay Is from eBay as well, she has taken over a 1st wave fashionista body.Dance Class Howleen(my first Monster high chick) is sporting a Liv Alexis body herself, I couldn't keep her the original body mainly because I didn't want to buy fashion packs just for her. I know its being a little cheap, but oh well she doesn't seem to mind at all!!!

I purchased these guys awhile back also. I bought the AA GI Joe and the 2 power team guys from eBay also. I found the Hip Hop version of Flavas Tre on The DollPage. He is one of the better versions I have seen that Mattel had produced next to the awards show version.
   I also picked up 3 of new SIS dolls from Wal-Mart. Grace is the last one I need but sadly they haven't restocked them yet!  I'm really liking the facial features and hair quality of them. Great job Mattel!(for once)
I finally got this chick on a body Ive had her for about 2 years now I just never photographed her because she wasn't articulated. She is now sporting the new SIS Kara body and if must say mama's looking good!
Hey Look Brandy is back!!! Yes after a 6 month hiatus(due to my laziness) she has been fully re rooted using just plain black yarn for micro braid/dread lock look. At first I was using Katsilk hair, but after seeing a few pics on Flickr using yarn to do dreadlocks I switched up and gave this a try. Re-rooting with yarn is fairly easy and also easy to style. If anyone is interested I am willing to show you how to do it.
 OK, Now this right here is about the greatest thing I found! A close skin tone match for for the barbie basic AA ken. Its a tad off but its very close, but with clothes on you can barely tell. This is an XT1 X Series Tan colour action figure body. I purchased this body from for about $24.99 with free shipping from China. The XT1 body comes in three skin tones pale, tan, and black.  
This body originally belonged to my Andromeda Tyr Anansi figure. But he was so nice to share with Ken I decided to purchase another body for him off  Ebay this time. Action figure bodies come with extra hands, feet, and 2 types of  neck joints. As far as clothing goes he can fit JB clothes pretty well and maybe a few ken shirts here and there.   

 As for my YouTube account I am working on a new patio set up for summer time. It needs a little more tweaking to it. Because this grass scrapbook paper isn't working for me. I think I might do the chairs as a tutorial also. Something tells me I got alot of work ahead of me so SEE YA!