Monday, December 10, 2012

Movin on Kenya!

 I Finally got my hands on the New Kenya Doll and let's just say I'm not really impressed. And here's why....

 Kenya has the body of a 1st wave fashionista . I feel really cheated because i could have gotten this body for waaaayyyy cheaper off eBay.
 Her bust is wider and does not poke out as much as a fashionista. She has a thick neck, huge head and a really generic face paint. She has really great hair quality it's really thick and voluminous.
 The parts of her that bend are different shades of color. Her shins and feet are like 2 shades darker than her thigh. Not cute at all.
Is her clothes. Its 2012 going on 2013 why does Kenya looked like just stepped out of the 90's. I mean this outfit would be cute if it were 1995 maybe. Its not just this outfit above its all of the outfits that each doll comes with. I'm just not understanding why she doesn't dress like Shanica Knowles aka Kenya in the music video. I felt as if they could a better job all around with her. I also tried to head swap her and she almost broke. I seriously almost had a WTF moment with her because her neck cracked and the joints were about tear apart.

I love the fact that she comes in different skin colors, I think she would be good choices for Chandra dolls or others with a darker complexion for a head swap if possible. I also love the message she sends to girls everywhere that you can proud of yourself. 

Overall I think that they could have done better Especially at the price the charge for this chick. I do think Kenya has potential if they change a few things and tweak her design a little more then I would definitely be more interested.
(Kenya redressed)

More than dolls around here!

First of all let me say hello Ive been gone for awhile due to family reasons and I have missed you all, and Im glad to be back.  Since Muff decided to show us her Action Figure collection I thought I would show you my entire AF collection From Gi joe to Power rangers I use to have waaaayyyyy more AF such as Marvel Super heroes but over the course of father time they were lost. I might try to find them all again one day off ebay.(Maybe)
But anywho here we go........
 Gi joe Sigma 6
 the Enemy of GI Joe Cobra
 The real American Heroes GI Joe
 12 inch Gi joe and Cobra

 Power Rangers Samurai I only have til the end of the month to finish this collection because the next season will be coming out with their new toys.
 S.H. Figuarts Shinken Red(Japan version) I actually won this in a contest.
And last are the Wild C.A.Ts the are from the 1994 show even though the show only lasted one season me and my brother collected these at BigLots(when we had one).
Glad to be back you all! See you soon!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

So I got Lucky today.......

 So earlier today I decided to go see my sister at her job, but she wasn't there so decided to look around the store. If you don't remember the store Dirt Cheap you can check out my last blog here. So I walked straight to the toy aisle and guess what I saw..... Justin Beiber Dolls!!!!!!. Oh YEAh! Now I'm not a fan of the Biebs but his doll outfits are seriously awesome and guess what all toys were 50% off the sticker price. Each one had a different price, couldn't figure out why nor could the sale associate but any who it was a great deal so I didn't care!! 
(click the pic to see them larger)
These are the 4 Biebers that they had on the shelves I got one of each take a look below to see how much I paid for each one. 
Can you believe I didn't pay no more than 10 bucks for each one!!! 
 Here are the outfits and great accessories out of the box!

Taylor performing her song on the front of the school steps
The guys decided to wear their gear out to the school talent show!
In the words of Ice cube,"Today was a good day!"

****AHS update****

I am deciding to take my time with AHS I don't want to overwhelm myself with all these projects I have going on but I will continue the stories soon as I get the chance.


Monday, October 8, 2012

Local Finds

So last Thursday I went out to to handle a few things and decided to stop by my sisters job. She works at a store called Dirt Cheap. Now Dirt cheap is one of those place where when one store cant sell something or have an abundance of something they send it to this store. Now Dirt Cheap is looks just like it sounds its a mess but only because the customers make it that way after the products are set out. I have found some really good things there in this store so I decide to show what I saw when I visited the other day.Some of these items came from Target. All of the prices were 60% off the green sticker price. 

They had the Victorius Dolls I didn't get the price of these because I really wasnt interested in this toy, but that is a nice dress she is wearing.

They had the some LPS Blythe outfits I remember this from Muff's blog but I only have one Kelly sized kid so I decided to leave this there.

I also saw this little house there I dont know what it is but but it had nice little items that look perfect but I left that there too. 

So what did I get?
These awesome Tech Deck stairs!!!! I will use these for the front of AHS. I am already loving these stairs and on the hunt for more of these. The sticker price for this was $19.99 with 60% off it was $8.56! Score!! I'm pretty sure they were from Target, but if they aren't who cares I got a great price for them in my opinion.

Next to Dirt Cheap is Dollar Tree I saw these little stacking games with chairs and cups. The chairs look like they could fit kelly sized dolls and the cups might be a little too big but you could use them like huge margarita glasses.
The last place I went to was Wal-Mart to their to toy clearance aisle.  Well when I got there I must have missed everything because a JB doll and a Stardoll fashion pack was the only thing I saw. I already have the stardoll set but that JB doll would be a nice edition he has nice clothing and a great boombox. But even in the discount aisle he is still to much he was $20 and I had to leave him there. 
So happy I found those stairs now its time to build the front of AHS!
See you soon!!   

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Another look at AHS

 So here are the new plans for another part of AHS. this is the courtyard and 2 hallways this is a working process.
 So here is a basic layout of the building

 **Taylor walking to class. Max Checking out Taylor**

** Marcus is pretending to go to his locker. Dexter is loitering** 
I'm almost finished with this just need to add a few things such as lockers, benches, greenery to the court yard, etc. Hope to have up the finished product up b4 the week is over also with Part 2 &3 of The day before.
See you Soon! 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Day Before Pt.1 (photostory)

 Payton, Skai, and Kimora are sitting in Payton's room discussing their upcoming junior year.

Kimora:"Oh I am so excited for school tomorrow we're finally Juniors!!"

Skai:"Yea! Maybe we can get a little recognition. Because being a sophomore is like being the middle child no one cares about you."
 Payton:"But that's all over the mighty class of 2014 is ready to rock and roll!! This our time to make some big decisions!"
Kimora:"Soooo I see someone is pumped. Does this mean you're going to ask out Daven "
Payton: "Maybe!!!"
Skai:"Translation NO!! LOL! 
Skai: "I mean you to have been playing this circle game for the past 2 years you better snatch him up before lil miss moneybags tries to snatch him up!!!"

 Payton: "Who are you talking about?!! I know not Chandra!!"

 Kimora: "Yep! That's exactly who she's talking about!"
Payton:"PLEASE!!! Daven only likes real girls, not a girl with so much weave in her head she can build a horse from scratch!!! "
Kimora& Skai: "LOL"

Kimora: "WOW! I see someone had a little meow mix this morning!"
Skai: "I Know Right! A lil feisty today!"

Payton: "Well I'm not worried about her and her lil crew of followers"

Skai: "Oh yea, I forgot about those two, wonder what they did this summer?" 

Payton: "They do what they do best, wait at home for their owner to return like the puppies they are!" 

Skai & Kimora: "LOL!!!!"

Oh Ok these girls are already for the 1st day of school and lil miss Payton don't play!! Stay tuned for part 2 with Rayvn...