Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fairy Tale High @ Wal-Mart

Earlier this morning at Wal-Mart I found a new set of dolls called Fairy Tale High. These dolls are priced at $18.When I saw them i was all like "ooooh these are kind neat and where is a ethnic doll!" But sadly there are none yet! 

From a glance they have similar bodies to Winx Club dolls. They are articulated at the knee,wrist, and elbow.
 Here are all the dolls offered in the line

 Alice from Wonderland, Belle from Beauty & the Beast, and Sleeping Beauty.


 TinkerBell and Rapunzel
 Snow White and the Little Mermaid
Back Box Art
I also found their website here!
I'm not sure if I will be getting one but if I do Alice be my top pick! 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

More Fashion Madness

So I decided to go back to Wal-Mart and get more pics of the kenya dolls for you guys. I mostly took pics of the guys and Kenya's friend Denise, I still haven't seen Kenya's sister Keyshia yet, but im sure she will show up soon. 
Here are the guys
Dwayne: Cool and casual

 TJ: Get fit
 TJ: Weekend Hang

 Dwayne : Everyday

 TJ: Night Out 

TJ: Everyday 

Denise: Movin on 

I also noticed that they stocked these versions of Kenya. Now these are the basic versions of her and they retail at $9.97. Their are quite a few different themes to the basic ones like the 2 you see above Sunny Days and Summer fun (I like the summer outfit). Im still not sure why these are $9.97 and the others are $14.97 cause your not paying for anything extra from what I see. 

   (More pics of the $14.97 dolls)

They also had Mini Kenya in stock.

Now to get off Kenya for awhlle now, are these Fashionistas new? Im not sure if they are or aren't. I might have just not paid them any attention. For some reason I thought that Life In the Dreamhouse dolls would take over and their wouldn't be any more Fashionistas. Isn't that how it usually works?

Monday, August 26, 2013

Fashion Madness @ Wal Mart

While on one of my late night runs to Wally world, to check the toy clearance aisle, Guess who I ran across?    Ms. Kenya and the Fashion Madness Crew. They finally added the guys from the line, TJ and Dwayne.
(The retail price for them is 14.97)
As some of you know I'm not really a fan of Ms. Kenya from this post. So I'm really hoping the guys would turn it around for me. Just by looking at them I'm still iffy about them only because the guys heads are so huge.
Maybe if their heads were a little smaller and they were articulated at the at the elbow like a flavas Tre, then maybe i could see myself  keeping one for more than just clothes. Speaking of clothes their clothes look pretty cool, just from looking at them I seriously doubt that the pants would fit a ken doll but, IDK that's just from looking at them. Their were about 4 different versions of Kenya and about 3 different versions of Tj and 2 of Dwayne. I didn't really take a whole lot of pics only a few just to show what walmart has sprung on me. BTW my Wal- Mart has really surprised me about 3/4 of the toys are now on clearance and I have seen new arrivals from Life in the Dreamhouse(Barbie and Ken only) and S.I.S mentoring packs, Bratz heroes, and even the Sparkle Girlz got a piece of the spotlight.
At the end of the night I only left with one of the Ken fashionistas Muff Blogged about and a few craft items. Thats all I really needed right?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Who's new and What's What!!

Hey guys! How are you all? I'm doing great myself! I know its been awhile since i posted here on blogger i just so busy with school and work. Now that he semester is over and I'm on a break for awhile, I will try to stay posting on here and my try to dust off my YouTube and Facebook accounts. Now that I have the time I will show off my new guys and gals that I have purchased in the past few months. Some are new, some old and some have been modified.
So my first set here is kind of a teen scene.
(Ariel, Howleen,Sharpay,Skipper, Belle)
I purchased the Ariel, Skipper, and Belle heads from Ms.Leo. The are all on a Liv Bodies that I got from eBay. Sharpay Is from eBay as well, she has taken over a 1st wave fashionista body.Dance Class Howleen(my first Monster high chick) is sporting a Liv Alexis body herself, I couldn't keep her the original body mainly because I didn't want to buy fashion packs just for her. I know its being a little cheap, but oh well she doesn't seem to mind at all!!!

I purchased these guys awhile back also. I bought the AA GI Joe and the 2 power team guys from eBay also. I found the Hip Hop version of Flavas Tre on The DollPage. He is one of the better versions I have seen that Mattel had produced next to the awards show version.
   I also picked up 3 of new SIS dolls from Wal-Mart. Grace is the last one I need but sadly they haven't restocked them yet!  I'm really liking the facial features and hair quality of them. Great job Mattel!(for once)
I finally got this chick on a body Ive had her for about 2 years now I just never photographed her because she wasn't articulated. She is now sporting the new SIS Kara body and if must say mama's looking good!
Hey Look Brandy is back!!! Yes after a 6 month hiatus(due to my laziness) she has been fully re rooted using just plain black yarn for micro braid/dread lock look. At first I was using Katsilk hair, but after seeing a few pics on Flickr using yarn to do dreadlocks I switched up and gave this a try. Re-rooting with yarn is fairly easy and also easy to style. If anyone is interested I am willing to show you how to do it.
 OK, Now this right here is about the greatest thing I found! A close skin tone match for for the barbie basic AA ken. Its a tad off but its very close, but with clothes on you can barely tell. This is an XT1 X Series Tan colour action figure body. I purchased this body from for about $24.99 with free shipping from China. The XT1 body comes in three skin tones pale, tan, and black.  
This body originally belonged to my Andromeda Tyr Anansi figure. But he was so nice to share with Ken I decided to purchase another body for him off  Ebay this time. Action figure bodies come with extra hands, feet, and 2 types of  neck joints. As far as clothing goes he can fit JB clothes pretty well and maybe a few ken shirts here and there.   

 As for my YouTube account I am working on a new patio set up for summer time. It needs a little more tweaking to it. Because this grass scrapbook paper isn't working for me. I think I might do the chairs as a tutorial also. Something tells me I got alot of work ahead of me so SEE YA! 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dear Mattel,

I decide to take little initiative to do this on their wall. If you feel the same way I do please pass this along. Write on their wall or like my comment please lets get the ball rolling on this!!The revolution has BEGUN!!!!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Project Overload

Well Hello Everyone!!!! First post of the year. I hope you all are having a great year so far I know I am. Well, I recently have been experimenting with my dolls thanks to Muff who has brought out the inner Frankenstein in me to modify my guys and gals. So lets get started shall we.

Ms. Trichelle was the first girl to catch a makeover. I re-did her eyeshadow using a BIC permanent marker in Fandingo pink. I re-inked her lips using a Faber Castell pen in pink carmine 127. I also shaved her head and gave her this great wig I purchased from Tablaoch productions here is the link to her etsy store.
Also to match the attitude ms thing is giving I renamed her Nicki. More photos of Nicki are on my flickr.

Now Ken was another story. He got the full treatment. He was the first real repaint, flocking and re rooting I have ever done. I used the ken that I had from the Toys R us exclusive kid picks. I repainted him using acrylic paints and sealed the paint using mod podge. I re rooted him using black orchid saran hair.....I think I can't really remember since I did this a while ago. I flocked the sides of his hair using black flocking material I purchased from The look I was going for was Dynamite Girls Hot Stuff Cruz look.(not my flickr page) I think I kinda got the look I was going for, but it looks like he has a little more makeup on him.

The last to receive treatment was My extra Flavas Tre. His hair which was originally blond( which i definitely hated with a passion) has been re flocked with the black flocking and i changed his eye color to blue using another BIC permanent marker. He looks 100% better w/o the blond. 

My current project is re rooting Ms. Brandy with the left over hair from ken project.

Idk if you have noticed the quality of my photos but I  built a light box and I must say I love the look of the photos. You can check out a few photos I have taken using the light box on my Flickr.

I also recently splurged on a Dynamite girls Electro Pop Dayle.

Well that is all for now I will see you guys later. Tell me what you guys think of modifications!
See you soon?