Tuesday, October 23, 2012

So I got Lucky today.......

 So earlier today I decided to go see my sister at her job, but she wasn't there so decided to look around the store. If you don't remember the store Dirt Cheap you can check out my last blog here. So I walked straight to the toy aisle and guess what I saw..... Justin Beiber Dolls!!!!!!. Oh YEAh! Now I'm not a fan of the Biebs but his doll outfits are seriously awesome and guess what all toys were 50% off the sticker price. Each one had a different price, couldn't figure out why nor could the sale associate but any who it was a great deal so I didn't care!! 
(click the pic to see them larger)
These are the 4 Biebers that they had on the shelves I got one of each take a look below to see how much I paid for each one. 
Can you believe I didn't pay no more than 10 bucks for each one!!! 
 Here are the outfits and great accessories out of the box!

Taylor performing her song on the front of the school steps
The guys decided to wear their gear out to the school talent show!
In the words of Ice cube,"Today was a good day!"

****AHS update****

I am deciding to take my time with AHS I don't want to overwhelm myself with all these projects I have going on but I will continue the stories soon as I get the chance.



  1. Great deal on the Bieber outfits. The guys look great in them.

  2. Great outfits but very interesting pricing. I wonder what the person who priced them was thinking.

  3. Now that's a bargin! I love how you are using your stairs.

  4. Wow you got some great outfits. I wish we had one here I would go by and buy them all!