Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Purchases, Deals, and Buys!!! Oh my!!

I've made a few purchases in the past week  and I decided to let you see what ALL I got.

I got these 2 kens from BrooklynStarsForever last week for both of them they were $10.
Awesome deal thanks Ebony!!!!

I Bought the Liv sets from TRU while they were on clearance last week $0.98. I have some of these already I bought them for the extra shoes  and accesories.

I bought the shelf liner at TjMaxx i plan to use it for some kind of restaurant.I bought the box at dollar tree It looks like it could be a nice little table. 

I also found the bottle stopper thats been blowing up on the blog scene from Tjmaxx!
 Its so obvious why I bought this ken doll set here.... THE CLOTHES DUH!!!!LOL

I also decided to buy Making Waves Jake since he was on clearance for $7.50 at TRU online.
I hope my bank account is alright after these purchases, I still have plans to purchase the new JB fashion packs that I saw on Muff's blog sometime this week.


  1. Aww your welcome Jay, they look so handsome!

  2. That's some awesome stuff. Those bottle stoppers come in so many varieties! I hope I find some more.

  3. Wow! Love your buys! I'm so mad that I have yet to find those blasted bottle stoppers! Great purchases!

    1. Thanks!!! I'm surprised i found them at my tjmaxx ya have to look hard their always hiding on the shelf somewhere!