Saturday, May 5, 2012

Rough Drafts!

So I've been working very hard on some new projects that i think you all will like, The first project is a bathroom that I've put some very serious thought process into(especially the shower).

 Down below the tub is made out of a Q-tip container, which I built a base around it using cardboard covered it with duct tape and glued a couple of beads for knobs! DONE!! 

The shower was something serious!LOL Its made from a cereal box that was tall and wide enough for the doll to fit into. The sliding doors are made from plastic that I lined with duck tape, the sliders are straws that I covered with duck tape and glued to the box. I surely will try and make a vid for this one!! 

 Another project is this couch that I've developed, its somewhat similar to MFS's couch but I cut out the all that excess measuring and used a pop tart box.(all that measuring just got me confused! LOL!)

 The last project is a house for those Lalaloopsy dolls and LPS toys. Now this really is a rough draft! As you can see its made from a old juice container box, scrapbook paper, foam board for the floors, and contact paper. it still needs a little more work on it but it will eventually work out. 
   Hopefully I can do a vid on these projects some time soon! 


  1. Okay, I love all your projects here, but that shower is the business! You are giving me some ideals to work on, thanks!

    1. IKR!! it took alot of planning on that one and you're welcome!

  2. Cool stuff! You are very creative.

  3. Super creative! I love it all especially the shower! Very nice:)