Saturday, June 23, 2012

V.I.P Tween Doll: Rocky

I don't know how many of you have seen or have the tween v.i.p dolls but I decided to do a little review of the one I have which is the Shake It up Rocky version 2. Now this is my 1st review of something so bare with me!  :-) 
I have had my Rocky for a couple of months and she is a pretty cool chick. I love the outfit she came with and accessories. It is a little difficult to put her fingers through her shirts but with a little push they will fit.   

    She has a pivotal chest, pivotal knees,and her arms bend. She also has real eye lashes.

 She also can share shoes with LIV and BARBIE!
(also with monster high dolls)    

What she can wear! 

Well I hope I did this little review right, see you guys soon, I hope to show what I have made with my easy cutter!


  1. Well, I certainly enjoyed the review! I love making informed choices and even though they don't have articulated wrists I'll still be getting one... if they go on sale, of course, lol.

    And yay on getting a cutter!

  2. This is a totally new doll to me so thanks for the review. She is cute. Just a few questions: what company makes her and how tall is she?

    1. Your welcome!She stands at about 10.5 inches and she is made by Mattel. They have been out about a year now they are very hard to find at sometimes.Thanks for stopping by!