Saturday, June 30, 2012

Adventures in easy cutting with new friends

So thanks to HeyItsMuff she introduced me to the greatest tool ever the Easy Cutter. This is the greatest thing ever, it is alot easier trying to cut craft sticks with scissors and darn near breaking your fingers. My easy cutter was absolutely FREE after I traded in my textbook for $65 on 
 So my initial design was a bay window. I used wooden dowels, craft sticks, and jumbo popscicle sticks,foamboard, scrapbook paper, and white duck tape.

 Ok I must admit since I made this thing  and I have a Brandy doll only one song has been on my mind!
[Radio plays]
 Til my day comes, here's what I'm gonna do
Be sittin up in my room
                                                             Back here thinkin bout you
                                                  I must confess, I'm a mess for you
                                                             Be sittin up in my room
                                                            Back here thinkin bout you
                                                   I must confess, I'm a mess for you

{Brandy: Sittin up in my room}

 Ok I think I got that song outta my system! Im am so lying im listening to it now!!! lol
    The lights in the picture are these submersible lights I found in the floral section of Walmart. I thik these will come in handy to use as party lights or stars.

New Friends 

I purchased the Brandy doll from MsLeo and she is on on an Artsy body that was free from my amazon trade in!
Top,Necklace,Shoes: Barbie basic
Skirt,Belt are handmade by me
 I purchased DJ a.k.a FLAVAS Tre from Ebay.
His hair was initially blonde, but I had to get rid of that, so I took to him with my black paint pen and fixed that hot mess.
Shirt: LIV jake
Pants: Ken
Shoes: Justin Beiber 
 I also purchased an articulated Chandra doll. I already have the It Takes Too Chandra doll but I couldn't pass up the chance to have this version. I feel like I bought the last one in existence because I couldn't find one any where else. 
Entirely Mattel
All in All I feel like I've done a good job with all of this!!!
See you soon!!


  1. This is amazing! I love the design. It's like you can build a whole world with the EC just out of craft sticks. I'm going to look for those lights too. Congrats on your new dollies.

    1. Thanks! I relly do enjoy the EC its so awesome!!

  2. I'm so glad that Brandy is happy in her new home and not sitting in the bottom of my unwanted doll box! She looks happy and prefectly lovely in her new outfit! Those light are cool. Wow, I need to get a Easy Cutter.

  3. Your bay window is absolutely gorgeous and now I want to make one, but know it would not be as nice as yours. LOL
    That Brandi scene looks like the start of a story. LOL

  4. You did a fabulous job on the window. The lights are a nice added touch.