Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Day Before Pt.1 (photostory)

 Payton, Skai, and Kimora are sitting in Payton's room discussing their upcoming junior year.

Kimora:"Oh I am so excited for school tomorrow we're finally Juniors!!"

Skai:"Yea! Maybe we can get a little recognition. Because being a sophomore is like being the middle child no one cares about you."
 Payton:"But that's all over the mighty class of 2014 is ready to rock and roll!! This our time to make some big decisions!"
Kimora:"Soooo I see someone is pumped. Does this mean you're going to ask out Daven "
Payton: "Maybe!!!"
Skai:"Translation NO!! LOL! 
Skai: "I mean you to have been playing this circle game for the past 2 years you better snatch him up before lil miss moneybags tries to snatch him up!!!"

 Payton: "Who are you talking about?!! I know not Chandra!!"

 Kimora: "Yep! That's exactly who she's talking about!"
Payton:"PLEASE!!! Daven only likes real girls, not a girl with so much weave in her head she can build a horse from scratch!!! "
Kimora& Skai: "LOL"

Kimora: "WOW! I see someone had a little meow mix this morning!"
Skai: "I Know Right! A lil feisty today!"

Payton: "Well I'm not worried about her and her lil crew of followers"

Skai: "Oh yea, I forgot about those two, wonder what they did this summer?" 

Payton: "They do what they do best, wait at home for their owner to return like the puppies they are!" 

Skai & Kimora: "LOL!!!!"

Oh Ok these girls are already for the 1st day of school and lil miss Payton don't play!! Stay tuned for part 2 with Rayvn...


  1. Meow! You portrayed these high schoolers perfectly. I'm looking forward to this series. Great job.

  2. The bookcase you made is perfection. Heck the whole dio is great! I enjoyed the sassy dialog and cant wait to see more.

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