Monday, September 10, 2012

Ebay purchases and Something special!!!

EBay Purchases

Before I get to my something special I would like to show you a few things I got from eBay.

I purchased a few items from the seller *Name your doll* this seller to me has reasonable prices and a large selection of Barbie and Ken clothes if you wish to purchase here is the link

I also purchased a Taylor swift outfit, I like it but it has few downfalls like the pants have glitter all over them, not really a fan of the glitter! Also the trim on the top isn't sewn straight across. You can kinda see it if you look really hard at the packaging part of the picture. But for about $6 bucks what can you expect. If you wish to purchase anyway here is the link: 

My last purchase I was so excited about because I have been really wanting a That's so Raven barbie for awhile now and I lucked up and found one for about $15 bucks on eBay can you say "SCORE"! She had few little blemishes in her face but I quickly removed the with GermX and a Q-tip. Also when I body swapped her I found out that the back of her hair was detached from head, I put a little super glue on there and "VIOLA!!!" fixed. She is currently on a Liv Alexis body but sooner or later I will find her a new body since the joints on this one are a little weak. 

Welcome to AHS

So here is my something special I decided to put together a few photos and make a teaser for my high school stories. I originally had in mind to do the 1st photostory but with school and work in the way I just decided to go with this and I hope you guys like it!!!

**I was just a coincidence that some of the lyrics match up with the pics I had no intention of doing that LOL***
Enjoy and see you Soon!!!


  1. That looks like a really large cast of characters to keep track of. I'm looking forward to some interesting stories.

  2. Great teaser! Looks like AHS is going to be a hit. I'm looking forward to it.

  3. Someone in one of my yahoo groups has a printie for a urinal. Would you be interested in it? I could not remember who was doing a school or I would have asked you earlier. Email me from my blog and I will send it back via email to you. :-)

    I can't wait for AHS!

  4. Oh yeah, that's going to be the place be. Everything looks great. I need you energy to build by set!

  5. I'm going to have to start with the video teaser because that was the business! I even clapped at the end and watched it twice. My favorite photo from the video is Moesha being held back from fighting and her opponent is just standing there with a "Come at me bro," pose. Love it!

    Congrats on all your other goodies and scoring a Raven. From the photo alone, that Taylor Swift outfit looks so cute and of quality... glad you gave us the scoop!

    1. Thank you! I watched the video myself about 10 times before I posted it I was like "Oh yea thats it!" I lkie that pic too Trichelle was like "Who gone check me boo!!"

  6. WOW! I loved the teaser! I didn't know you had a youtube channel. You have some great things on it. I can't wait to see more too!