Monday, December 10, 2012

Movin on Kenya!

 I Finally got my hands on the New Kenya Doll and let's just say I'm not really impressed. And here's why....

 Kenya has the body of a 1st wave fashionista . I feel really cheated because i could have gotten this body for waaaayyyy cheaper off eBay.
 Her bust is wider and does not poke out as much as a fashionista. She has a thick neck, huge head and a really generic face paint. She has really great hair quality it's really thick and voluminous.
 The parts of her that bend are different shades of color. Her shins and feet are like 2 shades darker than her thigh. Not cute at all.
Is her clothes. Its 2012 going on 2013 why does Kenya looked like just stepped out of the 90's. I mean this outfit would be cute if it were 1995 maybe. Its not just this outfit above its all of the outfits that each doll comes with. I'm just not understanding why she doesn't dress like Shanica Knowles aka Kenya in the music video. I felt as if they could a better job all around with her. I also tried to head swap her and she almost broke. I seriously almost had a WTF moment with her because her neck cracked and the joints were about tear apart.

I love the fact that she comes in different skin colors, I think she would be good choices for Chandra dolls or others with a darker complexion for a head swap if possible. I also love the message she sends to girls everywhere that you can proud of yourself. 

Overall I think that they could have done better Especially at the price the charge for this chick. I do think Kenya has potential if they change a few things and tweak her design a little more then I would definitely be more interested.
(Kenya redressed)


  1. Looks like I'm not going to be getting one of these dolls until they are $5. As thrifty, ok cheap, as I am, I cant bring myself to spend good money on something that just looks good in the box but falls apart out of it. Thanks for takin' one for the team, lol, and doing this review.

    1. Yea wait til the price of these gals to drop b4 you waste your money on them, when they drop I might get one 4 my chandra to swap with. which I hear is possible

  2. Sorry you were disappointed with your purchase. I have not purchased a Kenya doll yet. I'm waiting for a major sale and for the men.

    1. Yes the men will be the next thing I purchase from the kenya line

  3. Interestig, you're the second doll blogger to review Kenya and you both have similar comments which implies that all the dolls have the same issues. I doubt they will be available in Australia anyway but it's good to know what others think abour various dolls.