Saturday, February 2, 2013

Project Overload

Well Hello Everyone!!!! First post of the year. I hope you all are having a great year so far I know I am. Well, I recently have been experimenting with my dolls thanks to Muff who has brought out the inner Frankenstein in me to modify my guys and gals. So lets get started shall we.

Ms. Trichelle was the first girl to catch a makeover. I re-did her eyeshadow using a BIC permanent marker in Fandingo pink. I re-inked her lips using a Faber Castell pen in pink carmine 127. I also shaved her head and gave her this great wig I purchased from Tablaoch productions here is the link to her etsy store.
Also to match the attitude ms thing is giving I renamed her Nicki. More photos of Nicki are on my flickr.

Now Ken was another story. He got the full treatment. He was the first real repaint, flocking and re rooting I have ever done. I used the ken that I had from the Toys R us exclusive kid picks. I repainted him using acrylic paints and sealed the paint using mod podge. I re rooted him using black orchid saran hair.....I think I can't really remember since I did this a while ago. I flocked the sides of his hair using black flocking material I purchased from The look I was going for was Dynamite Girls Hot Stuff Cruz look.(not my flickr page) I think I kinda got the look I was going for, but it looks like he has a little more makeup on him.

The last to receive treatment was My extra Flavas Tre. His hair which was originally blond( which i definitely hated with a passion) has been re flocked with the black flocking and i changed his eye color to blue using another BIC permanent marker. He looks 100% better w/o the blond. 

My current project is re rooting Ms. Brandy with the left over hair from ken project.

Idk if you have noticed the quality of my photos but I  built a light box and I must say I love the look of the photos. You can check out a few photos I have taken using the light box on my Flickr.

I also recently splurged on a Dynamite girls Electro Pop Dayle.

Well that is all for now I will see you guys later. Tell me what you guys think of modifications!
See you soon?


  1. You have been a busy beaver! All the modifications are on point! Are you pleased with the Etsy wig? She has some great products and I was wondering if you like the quality of the one you got?

    1. Thanks Muff!! The wigs are great quality they are fabric wigs and they are easy to style using your fingers.

  2. Hello from Spain: I see that you have a busy year. Very cool. Keep in touch

  3. So nice to see you being so creative and experimental. Way to go!

  4. Looks like Muff was a great enabler. It's great to see what you've done with your dolls. You've really made them look individual and OOAK.