Wednesday, August 1, 2012


When I saw the chairs on HeyItsMuff's blog I instantly fell in love with them, but since there is no AC Moore near the state of Mississippi, I decided to make my own! And I must say they look pretty darn neat!! 
So this top picture is my 1st draft of the chairs. It came out a little wobbly and all kinds of crooked so back to the design board it went. 
So this is the 2nd draft It came out alot better. In instead of making the seat of the chair all flat I decided to  match the bottom with the back of the seat with the slack design.(if that makes sense) Its a little crooked too but much more polished looking. Since this design came out so good, I made a double of this one.
I also created a bench for 2 of my guys or gals to sit on. Its the same design as the the 2nd draft of the chair just longer. 
Here a few of the my people showing of the new chairs!
Oh yeah Grace is a new member of the family!! 

Here is dio that I created for my future photo stories if I ever get around to doing them!

I did this photo just for fun. Its a recreation of Beyonce's countdown video!

And last is picture of my crew that will be in photo stories based on high school life
P.s(Don't you love Chandra's facial expression)


  1. You have been really busy. I love it all!

    You are like I am getting ready to get ready to start a storyline. LOL

    1. Thanks! and yes thats exactly how I feel!lol

  2. Pretty darn neat, more like pretty darn AWESOME! I love, love, love that you showed the progression in your chair making. I tell you, redoing your design is half the fun. My favorite photo is the one with the lighted trellis. Very nice.

    I'm looking forward to your photo stories because the dio is great.

  3. Congrats on your new chairs. They look wonderful. Can't wait to see your high school stories. That should be fun!

  4. Hi Jay. Great job on the chairs and I agree Muff always have great tips. I say here and caught up on your blog and it great. I can't want to see what's going to be happening at the high school, I know the stories are going to be great. Welcome to blogsphere!!

  5. i subscribed you on youtube you are making great crafts.

  6. Hey Jay, It's purpleCandy1997 Here! OMG I live in Mississippi! That's so cool, Oh before I forget I love your chairs!