Sunday, August 26, 2012


Oh I'm just terrible at keeping you guys on keeping you guys updated on the things I get so here are the newbies to the group. 

I bought the Sharpay doll off amazon and placed on my Sassy fashionista body.

Here is Fun Dating ken on a Liv jake body.
I really like this ken I am really digging the low haircut they gave him. 

 Last but not least someone who I've finally gotten which is the Barbie basic Model #17

I have also purchased alot more clothing such as the new ken fashion packs and few clothing lots from ebay.
Hey these kids are going to school they can't go looking raggedy!LOL!
See you soon! 


  1. Is that the VIP Sharpay? That face looks nothing like the ones I've seen in the stores. Is she a new version?

    1. She one of the old sharpays from when high school musical was popular. I had one once I think she's up in the attic.

  2. They do all look like college students - I like the Ken head on the Jake body, that pose looks very realistic. Great photos.