Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Brother and sisters!

Payton, Marcus, And Rayvn Chandler

Meet the 3 main characters of my High school stories. For some reason in my mind these three fit perfectly as siblings as soon as I put them together I just liked them instantly. Payton and Marcus are fraternal twins and Rayvn is there adopted little sister. I thought these three would produce the best stories and give some variety of what some teens go through during their high school years.

 Payton is the girl next door sweet, lovable, smart, and real joy to be around!!!!

 Marcus is your basic bad boy.  Only being 16 he's been in more trouble than he count. But I know I certain person who will help him get on the right track!!
Rayvn in the younger adopted sister of Payton and Marcus. She is an extremely talented artist who loves to express her feelings through through her paitings.

We'll find out more about these guys as the stories begin. Remember school starts September 6th!


  1. Nice to meet these new characters! Is Marcus a mold of an actor, because he looks rather familiar. Also what body is he on because his calves are kickin'!

    1. Marcus is a the character Tyr Anasazi from Andromeda I placed him on a 1998 21st century figure.

  2. This should be interesting. I just love that Ravyn doll. I'm looking forward to the high school drama.

  3. Jay sometimes it happen like that. Dolls in your collection will just fit perfect with other dolls. I can see right now they are going to bring a lot of excitement to the school.