Thursday, August 29, 2013

More Fashion Madness

So I decided to go back to Wal-Mart and get more pics of the kenya dolls for you guys. I mostly took pics of the guys and Kenya's friend Denise, I still haven't seen Kenya's sister Keyshia yet, but im sure she will show up soon. 
Here are the guys
Dwayne: Cool and casual

 TJ: Get fit
 TJ: Weekend Hang

 Dwayne : Everyday

 TJ: Night Out 

TJ: Everyday 

Denise: Movin on 

I also noticed that they stocked these versions of Kenya. Now these are the basic versions of her and they retail at $9.97. Their are quite a few different themes to the basic ones like the 2 you see above Sunny Days and Summer fun (I like the summer outfit). Im still not sure why these are $9.97 and the others are $14.97 cause your not paying for anything extra from what I see. 

   (More pics of the $14.97 dolls)

They also had Mini Kenya in stock.

Now to get off Kenya for awhlle now, are these Fashionistas new? Im not sure if they are or aren't. I might have just not paid them any attention. For some reason I thought that Life In the Dreamhouse dolls would take over and their wouldn't be any more Fashionistas. Isn't that how it usually works?


  1. Thanks for the additional information and photos of the Kenya friends - T.J., Dwayne, and Denise. I look forward to seeing Keyshia, the little sister. Wonder if her head will be as large - proportionately to her body as Kenya's is.

    Yes, Mattel seems to be continuing the Fashionista line as well as the Dream House line. From what I have seen in stores and online.

  2. Thanks for the pictures. The guys have some decent fashions. That's nice to see. I will have to stop by Family Dollar to see if they showed up there yet. I'm anxious to see if the guys there are articulated like the girls are.

  3. I saw one Kenya In Family Dollar. Nice blog dude!!

  4. I got 2 of the new Fashionistas - Nikki and Raquel. The back of the box only have 3 - Nikki, Raquel and Summer. I really like the hairstyles on these dolls and just love the Raquel face up. Their bodies are a heavier plastic and the joints are much tighter, but not the same as the life in the Dreamhouse dolls. I found them at Target.